Clients interview pre-screened, tested and reference checked candidates submitted by ADEETA.  When a successful candidate is identified, an offer of full-time employment is made by the client and the candidate goes directly on to the client’s payroll.  The fees for Direct Hire placements are one-time charges based on the annual salary of the person hired.  All our placements are Employer Paid fee based.
ADEETA’s Direct Hire fees are within the industry average and very competitive. Special fee arrangements can be negotiated for qualified clients and ADEETA offers all non-profit organizations a discount as part of our commitment to serving businesses in our community.
Temporary assignments can last from one day to one year, or longer depending on the client’s need.  Each temporary worker is an ADEETA employee and ADEETA handles all payroll liabilities and insurance responsibilities. Temporary workers are paid on an hourly basis and receive weekly paychecks with clients being invoiced weekly as well.  This avenue allows candidates in between full-time positions the opporutnity to earn some income, learn about new industries and feel productive while continuing their search.  Clients are able to fill voids in their staff, handle sporadic projects, address seasonal peaks in their workflow, and manage their payroll budget as effectively as possible.
ADEETA has an ongoing inventory of the finest temporary workers in the area. Each worker goes through a rigorous computerized skill testing program and thorough reference checks are conducted on all ADEETA employees.
ADEETA proudly offers a 100% guarantee on the work performance of all temporary employees.  Additional background checks can be conducted at the client’s request.

This option allows our clients and candidates alike to “try before they buy”.  Some people prefer to test the waters before making a complete commitment to a new employment situation and this avenue provides for that.  Working as a temp allows the candidate to see if the new position ends up being exactly what was described in the interview process and if the company’s culture is right for them.  Having a prospective hire work in a temp capacity allows the client company to determine whether or not the candidate can deliver on the promises they made during the interview process.

ADEETA encourages this avenue for clients who are still in the process of authorizing additional positions on their staff or for positions where job responsibilities are still evolving.  We also recommend this avenue for candidates who are not quite sure what type of position will best suit them for the next phase of their career.  Most of the time, these situations end in a hire being made with both parties being very satisfied.



Individual contracts can be negotiated for a wide variety of professional and technical workers. Terms and arrangements are determined by mutual consent between client, contract worker and ADEETA Corporate Staffing, LLC.

ADEETA places contract workers both locally and nationally in professional capacities with clients ranging from small businesses to global conglomerates. Contract work allows the clients to have critical tasks performed to help them achieve their goals and deadlines without having to overextend their headcount. Contract work allows workers to enjoy variety in their career without the appearance of job hopping. That’s a win-win from where we stand.






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