One Shell Square
701 Poydras Street, Suite 109
New Orleans, LA 70139
Phone: 504-523-1786



ADEETA Corporate Staffing is located at 701 Poydras Street in Suite 109 on the bottom floor of One Shell Square.  Our building is the tallest one in the downtown area (for now) and is an all white limestone building.  “One Shell Square” is posted on the front of the building (which fronts on Poydras Street) next to a large set of steps.  You will not find the adress on the front, as the building is named after its primary tenant, Shell Oil Company.

The two side streets to our building are Carondelet Street and St. Charles Avenue.  If you enter our building from the Carondelet Street entrance, you will find our office to be the second business on your right hand side.  If you choose to park in the building instead of at a parking meter, you will take the parking garage elevators to the first floor and head straight toward our office.

Please contact our office at 504-523-1786 if you have any questions.  We welcome you to use an internet mapping service or a personal GPS to assist you.

Parking Prices for One Shell Square (as of 06/18/2014):

0 – 1 Hr.    $7.00
1 – 2 Hr.    $10.00
2 – 3 Hrs.     $14.00
3 – 8 Hrs.     $20.00
8 – 12 Hrs.   $25.00
12 – 24 Hrs.   $30.00

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