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NEW ORLEANS is always celebrating something, which is one of the reasons we love living here so much. And one of the things New Orleanians do best is cheer for their NEW ORLEANS SAINTS! We have survived the off season, pre-season is here, and we are very READY for some REAL FOOTBALL! We have already started our BLACK & GOLD FRIDAYS and we have already pulled out our favorite WHO DAT decorations. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of REGULAR SEASON… and our answer to “Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?” is a resounding YES!!! Whether you plan to watch the games in the Superdome, from your comfy sofa at home or in your favorite local restaurant or bar, we know we will all be screaming WHO DAT, WHO DAT at the beginning of the game, will be jumping out of our seats at any bad calls (against us, that is!), will all be waiting for a time out to fetch more beverages and snacks, and will all be THRILLED when we WIN.

As for further preparation for this season, you might want to get to your local grocery and stock up on Juicy Fruit – we certainly don’t want to take any chances! Yes, you can bet we won’t miss out on CELEBRATING our SAINTS this fall, but never fear… We will NOT be out celebrating all the time! After all the tailgating events, after all the games, after all the CELEBRATING, you can still find us at our desks, Mondays through Fridays, hard at work…helping the BEST EMPLOYERS in town find the TOP TALENT they need to be successful. As we’ve said many times…We love what we do! We are truly committed to helping New Orleans grow, one HIRE at a Time. So if you need staffing assistance, whether it be for a Temp, Temp-to-Hire or Direct Hire position, just give us a call. We would love to work with you!


Lola K. Lass, CTS, CSP ~ President of ADEETA Corporate Staffing, LLC

Certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise).  ADEETA is a proud member of the N. O. Chamber of Commerce, the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, the American Staffing Association, SHRM NOLA, and GNOEA.    ADEETA is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer



ADEETA Corporate Staffing, LLC, is a full service staffing company, serving both local and national clients.

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