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One of our favorite "borrowed" sayings. So US!

One of our favorite “borrowed” sayings. So US!


We love living in this great city of NEW ORLEANS as there is always something around here to celebrate. Oh, and something to EAT! We especially love CELEBRATING holidays… and we are about to embark on a 3 month run of them, starting with THANKSGIVING.

We have so MUCH for which to be thankful this year, as always. We are THANKFUL for the great companies that call upon us for assistance with their staffing needs.  We are THANKFUL for all the many, wonderful candidates that allow us to represent them in their job searches. We are THANKFUL we are able to live and thrive in a city like no other. And we are THANKFUL for each other, our fellow ADEETA Teammates, and our families who support us in this special work that we do – Helping Others.

What else might we be THANKFUL for? Umm… Great FOOD? That’s right! This city has so much to offer, but on any given day, we have to say that its FOOD OFFERINGS are right up there at the top of our list.  We are so excited about our upcoming FEASTS – the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet corn casserole, sweet potato souffle’, honey baked ham, pumpkin crunch cake… and the list goes on. Our bellies almost hurt just thinking about it. Yep, we are fired up and we already have our stretchy pants ready to go. But before we get all fat and happy, we remind ourselves that while we have more food than we can handle, there are still so many among us that go hungry – even at this time of year.  So as you approach your Thanksgiving Feasting, we encourage you to dig into your wallets and pass along some spare change so that even the “hungry among us” will get to enjoy a Thanksgiving Day meal. If you need ideas on where your dollars will be best spent, we encourage you to donate to SECOND HARVEST Food Bank, COVENANT HOUSE or the NEW ORLEANS MISSION. And, if giving a little of your “dough” means you’ll have to cut back on your own meal just a bit, don’t worry! That means you will only have to set YOUR scale back 5 lbs. instead of 10!!

Anyway, we hope you and your families all have a wonderful and happy THANKSGIVING.  We will each be at our own family gatherings and we already know we will eat too much, and that we will regret it. BUT, once we shake off the food coma, we promise we will get back to work! Yes, you will be able to find us at our desks, Monday through Friday, hard at work, helping the BEST EMPLOYERS in town find the TOP TALENT they need for their businesses to be successful! As we’ve said many times…We LOVE what we do!  We are truly committed to helping New Orleans continue to grow, one HIRE at a time. So if you need staffing assistance for a Temp, Temp-to-Hire or Direct Hire position, just give us a call. We would love to work with you!


Lola K. Lass, CTS, CSP ~ President of ADEETA Corporate Staffing, LLC

Certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise).  ADEETA is a proud member of the N. O. Chamber of Commerce, the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, the American Staffing Association, NOLA-SHRM, and GNOEA.    ADEETA is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer



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