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We love living in this great city of NEW ORLEANS as there is always something around here to celebrate. We especially love CELEBRATING throughout the HOLIDAY SEASON – and here in New Orleans, holiday season starts at Thanksgiving and goes all the way through Mardi Gras.  Lucky Us!

Right now we are making plans for our THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION… both here at the office and at our homes. We are lining up our menus and digging out our orange and brown sweaters (hopefully it will be cool enough to wear them). We are checking in with relatives and friends to see who will be joining us at our tables. We are checking out the football game schedule and looking at the movie listings. Yep, we are firing up for some family/friends fellowship and fun. But wait? It seems like we are forgetting something…. hmmm, what could it be? Oh yeah! We are also starting our list of things for which we are THANKFUL, and we are happy to report that this year, we have a very long list.

At the top of our list here at the office we have our CLIENTS and our CANDIDATES, for where would we be without all of YOU??? If you don’t mind, we would like to get a jump start on all that thanks we have to give and say THANK YOU now, to our dear CLIENTS and CANDIDATES, for letting us serve you as you search for new talent and new opportunities. It is an honor to serve you and to be able to make a difference in your work lives.

Yes, we do plan to CELEBRATE the ENTIRE New Orleans Holiday Season. But don’t worry, we won’t celebrate all the time!  You can still find us at our desks, Monday through Friday, hard at work, helping the BEST EMPLOYERS in town find the TOP TALENT they need for their businesses to be successful! As we’ve said many times…We LOVE what we do!  We are truly committed to helping New Orleans continue to grow, one HIRE at a time. So if you need staffing assistance for a Temp, Temp-to-Hire or Direct Hire position, just give us a call. We would love to work with you!

Happy THANKSGIVING Planning, Y’all!

Lola K. Lass, CTS, CSP ~ President of ADEETA Corporate Staffing, LLC

Certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise).  ADEETA is a proud member of the N. O. Chamber of Commerce, the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, the American Staffing Association, NOLA-SHRM, and GNOEA.    ADEETA is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer



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